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Bob Iracane is restarting his tax practice and is now serving the Ocean County area. Our firm provides tax preparation for individuals, small businesses, fiduciaries, and non-profits alike.

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Useful documents for your upcoming appointment


Whether this will be your first time visiting us or you are a longtime client, these worksheets will help us expedite your tax return. Just print out these PDF forms and add, delete, or change any pertinent information and be sure to bring any necessary documents with you to your appointment.

Client information worksheet

Rental/Royalties worksheet

Employee business/vehicle worksheet

Making Sure Your Financial Records Aren't Lost in the Digital Clouds


As more of our financial and personal lives are archived online, the challenge of both protecting and providing access increases. If your loved ones, business associates and financial advisors can't retrieve it, your digital cloud of data - financial records, photos, music collections, family documents - may vaporize.

IRS Requires Documentation to take Certain Tax Deductions


Recently enacted laws require tax preparers obtain certain assurances from taxpayers in conjunction with the preparation of income tax returns.

In addition Cash Contributions must now be fully documented. This means that you must adequately provide the tax preparer with information sufficient enough to take the deduction. For all contributions of $250 or more a receipt from the charity is required that indicates no goods or services were provided in exchange for the donation. Non-cash donations must be itemized, a listing of items donated, the date donated and to whom. If the amount is over $250, you must have a receipt from the charity. Vehicle donations have additional limitations and you should contact our office for guidance if you decide to donate a vehicle.

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