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Why Choose RJICPA?

Choosing a CPA firm is a very personal decision, like choosing any other trusted professional. Based on a relationship of trust, we feel we will become a key personal advisor.

At Robert J. Iracane CPA., we actively seek ways to be of service to our clients and to be accessible at all times. We encourage our clients to email us when possible since it gives us opportunities to answer questions as our time becomes available rather than waiting to return phone calls.

Besides our functions as preparers of tax returns and providing accounting services, we provide tax planning; financial analysis, and strategic planning. We draw on our extensive experience in the business community to offer clients advise on acquisitions, real estate etc. We aid clients in the design and installation of computerized accounting systems, and offer training support to use those systems.

Services Provided
  • Accounting and tax preparation for individual and small businesses, fiduciaries, non-profits.
  • Payroll services including preparation of paychecks, direct deposit, electronic tax payments and payroll tax returns. We provide turnkey payroll processing.
  • Through our association with Northeast Planning Corporation, our associates provide investment advice and life and disability insurance.
  • Through our association with the Parsippany-based law firm Fein, Such, Kahn and Shepard we help you with estate planning, estate administration, negotiations with Internal Revenue Service and other tax planning and negotiations.
Contact Information

Robert J. Iracane CPA
P.O. Box 72
Waretown, NJ 08758

Email Bob: rjicpa@gmail.com

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